Hotmelt Adhesive Films
Polyester adhesive films (Serie PAF) are available from GLUETEX as hotmelt foils, hotmelt tapes or laminated onto textiles. GLUETEX hotmelt films substitute increasingly conventional liquid adhesives. Hotmelts are solvent free and therefore environmentally friendly.

Processing of hotmelt adhesive films
GLUETEX hotmelt-adhesive films can be activated by ultrasonic, heat, hot air or high frequency technology and enable welding of non thermoplastic fabrics.
The supply of heat makes the hotmelt liquid and leads to a cross link with the surrounding materials.
As soon as the supply of heat is stopped, the hotmelt cures within seconds and ensures a strong bond.  

Advantages of bonding with hotmelt films:
 Solvent free
Precise surface coating
 Ease of use
Simple preparation
Safe processing
 Long shelf life
Fast activation and curing process
 Glued joint is resistant after a short time
 No hazardous material