Info brochure about bonding of awning fabrics - German
Info brochure about bonding of awning fabrics - English

glued awnings Adhesive tapes for awnings
GLUETEX Hotmelt-Adhesive Tapes are suitable for bonding different technical textiles for protection or large format commercial graphics.
The tapes can be activated by ultrasonic, hot air or high frequency technology and enable welding of non thermoplastic fabrics.
The bonded seams are very strong and approved for outdoor use.

Advantages of glueing in comparison to regular sewing:
 Full seam width is bonded while sewing has point to point connection only
Waterproof seam, no stitch holes
 No penetration of water and dirt into the seam
lower thickness of the seam, because of the pressure applied while bonding. Therefore less roll up wrinkles
UV-stabile tapes ensure longer lifetime
 Better visual appearance 

Reinforced tape
reinforces tape
Bonded Seam
bonded seam
Bonding machine for awnings
Jentschmann Bonding machine
Operation instruction for reinforced adhesive tapes for awnings
GLUETEX recommends glass fibre reinforced adhesive tape type AV 130 for bonding wide width and wintergarden awnings.
The AV 130 has been developed especially for bonding awning fabric for out door use. The adhesive tape contains a thin glass fibre layer which is coated with a UV resistant hotmelt on both sides.
The activation of the hotmelt is mostly done with the energy efficient ultrasonic technology. The swiss engineering company Jentschmann AG from Zurich/ Switzerland has developed special bonding machinery for this application which has been approved in the market for several years already. For more information please visit