Hotmelt films for the automotive sector
Hotmelt films for the automotive sector GLUETEX offers a wide selection of Hotmelt adhesive films for different applications for the automotive industry.
Whether for the production of airbags, door covers or car mats.
GLUETEX Hotmelt adhesive films provide a reliable and strong bond - day in and day out.

GLUETEX Hotmelt films are increasingly replacing conventional liquid adhesives. They are solventfree and therefore particularly environmental friendly.

Hotmelt adhesive film is mainly activated by heat, ultrasound or high frequency.
Through the supply of heat onto the film, the adhesive becomes slightly liquid and cross links with the surrounding materials.
Once the heat supply is stopped, the Hotmelt cures in seconds and ensures a strong bond.

Benefits of Hotmelt films at a glance:
Adhesive joints are uniformly dense
asy to handle
asy job preparation
Long shelf life
Rapid activation and setting time of the Hotmelts
Glued joint is resistant after a short time