AU 110 single layer adhesive tape
The GLUETEX Hotmelt adhesive tape AU 110, known as well as weld aid for awnings, is a single layer polyester tape. It has been developed especially for bonding of solar protection textiles like acrylic, polyester, fibre glass and polyester screen, which are not exposed to strong stretchings. The polyester hotmelt adhesive tape AU 110 provides a good elasticity, which will be required especially for polyester solar protection textiles.

Product specifications:
Melting Temperature: 110 - 115 C
Weight: 1.27 g/cm3
Colour: transparent unclear
Resistent against PVC plasticizers and UV radiation
Standard Gauge: 0.14 mm
Standard Width: 10 - 20 mm
Other widths you may require can be produced on demand.

Single Layer Adhesive Tape
Single layer adhesive tape AU110