AV 115 glassfiber reinforced adhesive tape
The GLUETEX adhesive tape AV 115 is a fibre glass reinforced tape (also called reinforced welding aid for large awning fabrics), which has on both sides an UV consistent Hotmelt layer. It has been developed especially for the bonding of solar protection textiles for polyacryle, which are exposed to strong stretchings.
The reinforced GLUETEX Hotmelt adhesive tape AV 115 limits the stretching of the solar protection textile and therefore avoids wave formation as a reason of overexpansion. 
The reinforced adhesive tapes are mainly used for extensive awnings and for winter garden awnings.

Product specifications:
Melting Temperature: 110 - 120 C
Weight: 1.27 g/cm3
Colour: white / unclear
Resistent against PVC plasticizers and UV radiation
Wash resistance up to 70C
Standard Gauge:
0.33 mm
Standard Width: 10 - 18 mm
Breaking strength: tape 18 mm at least 80 kg 

Reinforced Adhesive Tape
Reinforced adhesive tape AV115