Seam Sealing Tape SST 740

Adhesive: Modified Polyurethane
Membrane: Modified Polyurethane
Melt Temperature: 132C
Standard Gauge: 0.13 mm, 0.20 mm 
Standard Colour: Clear

Resists: Washing, Dry Cleaning 
Specific materials to be sealed:
- Leather,
- Non-wovens
- Poly-cotton
- Polyurethane
- Rubber

Specific fabrics or coatings to be sealed:
- Daesung
- Darlexx
- Exoskin
- Goretex
- Hellytex
- Stedair
- Tetratex
- Ultrex
- Metal mesh

The SST 740 is our softest seam sealing tape and is mainly used on PU and PTFE coated material. Furthermore, it is used in the following areas: firefighting gears, rainwear, industrial filter, tents, waterproof boots and skiwear.