Seam Sealing Tape SST 770

Adhesive: Modified Polyurethane
Membrane: Modified Polyurethane
Melt Temperature: 74C
Standard Gauge: 0.13 mm, 0.20 mm 
Standard Colour: Clear

Resists: Washing, Dry Cleaning 

Specific materials to be sealed:
- Aramide
- Non-wovens
- Polyurethane
- Clearcoats

Specific fabrics or coatings to be sealed:
- Consoltex
- Daesung
- Entrant
- Filters
- Hydroflex
- Sympatex
- Travtech 
- Ultrex

The SST 770 is used for the most coated fabrics like in ski wear, tents and police and EMS garments. Furthermore it is used in garments for blood born pathogens.