Seam Sealing Tape SST 800

Nahtabdichtungsband TAF 900

Adhesive: Polyamid
Membrane: Polyurethane
Melt Temperature: 120C
Standard Gauge: 0.2 mm
Standard Colour: Clear, Amber

Resists: Washing  

Specific materials to be sealed:
- Leather
- Neoprene
- Non-wovens 
- Nylon
- Poly-cotton
- Polyamide
- Silicone

Specific fabrics or coatings to be sealed:
- Xalt
- Goretex

The SST 800 is a 2 layers adhesive tape containing a waterproof membrane layer which is coated with adhesive on one side. The adhesive is a polyamide with a very high flow. The SST 800 is, among others, used in the following areas: some medical applications, boots, filters, outerwear, awnings and seatings.