Seam sealing for textiles Seam sealing
GLUETEX offers a wide selection of seam tapes in the standard range.
Customized tapes are available on request.Seam tapes are mainly used for sealing joints in swimwear, sportswear, rainwear and casual wear as well as tents, backpacks and shoes.
GLUETEX tapes provide a reliable connection day in and day out. The activation of seam tapes is done mainly by hot air or ultrasound.
Through the supply of heat onto the tape, the adhesive becomes slightly liquid and cross links with the fabric of the seam.
Once the heat supply is stopped, the hotmelt cures in seconds and ensures a strong bond.

Benefits of seam tapes at a glance:
Solvent free
Adhesive joints are uniformly dense
Easy to handle for tight radii and weld geometries
Easy job preparation
Reliably long shelf life
Rapid activation and setting time of the hot melts
Glued joint is resistant after a short time