GLUETEX offers both solid and perforated adhesives for bonding foam to fabric (seat cushion) or foam backed fabric. Adhesive selection is driven by price, softness, breathability (through perforation) and heat resistance. Some seat constructions include a layer of resilient wadding for added support.

Typical application procedure:
Seat fabric is prelaminated with adhesive film using a continuous fusing press or hot drum laminator.

Bond adhesive coated seat fabric to cushion foam or wadding. Bonding method varies depending on your application equipment.

Activation of the prelaminated adhesive to bond to the seat cushion is possible with the use of heat and pressure, steam, or hot air. Adhesive Films are also used to bond the layers within seat heating elements. This multilaminate construction requires a heat activated adhesive with sufficiently high heat resistance and a in most cases, a certain minimum flame retardant characteristic.